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6 Ways To Improve The Criminal Justice System In 2021

At W&K, we always strive to be fashionable. To that end, we've just returned from the runways of NYC and you will soon be seeing us in court rocking the latest cutting edge of men's suits. Other than inflatable pants, nothing is more fashionable right now than criminal justice reform. Effective July 1, 2020: Possession of up to an ounce of that demonic weed is decriminalized. Well alright, alright, alright. No more driver's license suspensions for unpaid court costs and fines. F the man! Felony larceny threshold doubled from $500 to $1000. Take that Target! For real, these are all common sense steps in the right direction. But now it’s time for legislators to swing for the fences in 2021. We

Judges Hate Him For This One Simple Trick That Never Works!!

Sometimes I get word in the courthouse that someone's about to argue that they're a "sovereign citizen" and therefore not bound by state or federal laws. I rush down to the courtroom and love every second of it because it's entertaining, it never works, and it makes me feel better about myself as a human being. Here's how it typically plays out: The case gets called and a guy struts up with a stack of papers. The judge asks, "Are you Joe Smith?" The guy refuses to answer and says that the court lacks jurisdiction over him. The reasoning given varies from "I never agreed to be bound by your laws...haha!!!!" to "The obscure Barbary Pirate treaty of 1796 read in conjunction with the common law

Does My 4-Year Old Think I'm an A-hole For Being a Criminal Defense Attorney?

My 4-year-old's a cute kid (not pictured above). In his simplified worldview, police officers "stop bad guys." As a defense attorney who stands on the opposite side of the courtroom, I must be on Team Bad Guys, right? Partly because I don't want my kid thinking I'm an irredeemable a-hole, I've been making an effort to school that ass on the nuances of criminal justice. But where do you begin with a four-year-old? “Well son, you see, sometimes the police arrest someone. But the police are agents of the government who need accountability… and there’s this thing called the Constitution…” That explanation doesn't work. I tried planting a seed in his brain a few weeks ago when we drove past a she