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If you’re reading this right now, you may have just had one of the worst nights of your life. You were likely handcuffed, thrown in a police car, and spent several hours in jail. We can help you. Sadly, some attorneys talk a big game in the consultation, only to show up to court and tell you that your case is hopeless and you should just take a plea deal. We're different. In every DUI case, we go through all of the evidence with a fine toothed comb to determine the best possible defense. Your best DUI defense could include questioning:  

  • the basis for stopping you in the first place; 

  • the admissibility of the breath test; 

  • the reliability of the breath test; 

  • how the field tests were conducted; 

  • whether they can prove you were driving; 

  • whether they can prove that you didn’t drink after an accident; 

  • whether they can prove that proper protocols were followed in collecting your breath or blood; or

  • whether there is reasonable doubt as to the grade of offense. 

There are many more possible defenses, and none of them are simple or guaranteed. If you’re charged with DUI in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the Hampton Roads area, please give us a call. We give free consultations, and we’re always 100% honest, even when it means that we end up turning away business.