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You Will Get Total Honesty

Some attorneys tell every potential client that they have a great case in order to get their money.  We're different. We believe in providing a 100% honest assessment of your case even when it's difficult to hear. Our approach works, and we have the case results to back it up.  We're also honest with our fees. We're competitively priced, and there will be no hidden costs or "bait and switch."  You pay the same fee regardless of whether your case becomes complicated or requires a trial. We never put financial pressure on our clients to plead guilty. Ever. 

You Will Get Personal Attention

One of the most unique aspects about working with our firm is that you get more than an attorney. You get a trial team. When we worked for the state, we both used to maintain a caseload of 100 to 125 active felony cases at a time. Now that we have our own practice, we typically only carry around 50 cases at a time between the two of us.  That means your case gets individual attention. We know that the best results come when we know our clients personally.  Our difference is that we take the time to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your goals and priorities.

Attorneys Who Can Win At Trial 

Some criminal defense attorneys talk a big game about being experienced trial attorneys in order to gain your money and trust, but then urge you to plead guilty when the time comes to actually fight. We're different. We've taken hundreds of cases to trial and proudly display our recent victories on our website. When your freedom is on the line, you need attorneys who have battled in the trenches for over 5,000 clients. The simple truth is that not many attorneys in the area have handled the number and variety of criminal cases we have. 

You Will Have Smart & Aggressive Attorneys

Many criminal defense attorneys claim to be "aggressive." The reality is that a good defense is built on strategy, creativity, and intelligence. The best defense for you might be a trial, a motion to suppress, or accepting a plea agreement. Our firm has the skill and experience to advise you on the best strategy for your particular circumstances. Our process involves explaining in detail every aspect of your charges, all the possible defenses, and every potential outcome. When aggression is appropriate, unlike many, we can actually back it up. 

You Will Have A Legal Team 

You get two experienced attorneys for the price of one. We've learned over thousands of cases that there can be no effective strategy until we build a relationship with our clients. What makes us different from other firms is that we take the time to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your goals and priorities.

You Will Get Fair Attorney's Fees

We will work with you to develop a fair fee. There will be no hidden costs and no "bait and switch."  We never put financial pressure on our clients to plead guilty. Ever. That decision is hard enough without financial considerations. While not every client is best served by a trial, we never take on a case with the expectation of a guilty plea.

 Honest, Strategic, Compassionate


We Treat Clients Like Family