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Mitch McConnell is a Turtle and a Traitor

For the most part, I don’t actually care about political things.

(Trump is president...BOOOOOO! HISSSSSS!!)

Sure, Trump’s an irredeemable sack of shit. Yes, he exposed numerous supposed "moral beacons" as spineless hypocrites who have no actual morals or values. But has my life really changed under Trump? No. Not really. Honestly, I chuckle at some of his hateful petulant trolling. I'm sure Jesus appreciates it too.

But here’s what DOES piss me off. In 2016, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to do his job (I refuse to do my job sometimes too but this is different). In this instance, the Constitution says Lil' Bitch Mitch has to do a thing. The thing was letting the Senate vote on Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Again: THE CONSTITUTION SAYS THE SENATE HAS TO VOTE ON THIS VERY THING. So in 2016, when Mitch played obstructionist and refused to allow a Senate vote, there were rumblings that he was directly attacking the Constitution. Mitch's turtle-looking ass made some convoluted excuse back in 2016 to justify his shitty vibes. Something like, "C'mon guys! The next presidential election is only 270 days let’s wait until after the election to do what we’re Constitutionally required to do."

Never mind that the Constitution doesn’t say that’s a thing. Never mind that Garland was a pretty reasonable moderate choice the country might’ve rallied behind. The end result was that bitch boy Mitch made up a rule that doesn’t exist so he could sit in the corner giggling “tee hee” with his party buddies at the expense of our nation's integrity. I was uncharacteristically pissed in 2016 because the move was a blatant broad-daylight assault on the Constitution. But I came around to the view that if Mitch wants to play those games, then, whatevs. Our country isn’t exactly built on a foundation of fairness anyway (See: Native American genocide, slavery, segregation, etc). Fast forward to 2020. RBG dies and there’s another court vacancy. Instead of a Democrat president nominating a replacement it’s a Republican (nü-Republican?) president.

2020 Mitch is still the guy who gets to decide whether to put the nominee up for a vote in an election year. He would absolutely never though, right? I mean he said that the last go-round wasn’t him declaring war on the Constitution. Nor was it party politics. It was simply because the presidential vote was a mere 270 days away. Well this time the court vacancy has opened an even mere(er) 47 days away. So what does Mitch do? He says, “NAH BITCH WE VOOOOTIN'!" And what does that downy-haired turd Lindsey Graham do after he declared that what’s fair is fair and that his party wouldn’t vote on a Supreme Court nominee in an election year even if the nomination comes from a Republican president (which is where we're literally at right now)?

He proudly declares, "It's VOTE time MFer!!” So what’s the lesson (I mean besides the fact that the aforementioned people are shameless lying hypocrites)? For me, this is a blatant attack on our Constitution. I mean it was either an attack then or it's an attack now. So where are the Boogaloo Bois at with their muskets ready to take to the streets? Fucking nowhere to be found. And why? Because the Constitution doesn’t matter to these people. Because it’s always been about power at all costs. Freedom to these people means the freedom to remain in power. Not fairness, but some continuation of manifest destiny-type bullshit.

(Speaking of fairness, the Democrats are very much prone to shitty vibes too. See: cancel culture, Defund the Police, having no immigration policy solutions whatsoever, Bill's adventures on Epstein Island, etc.) Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of riots but supposedly the Second Amendment exists for this very purpose. I guess if you’re not about that life, vote those fuckers out. Vote out anyone who enabled the 2016 Mitch farce and then pulled a 180 to put party over country in 2020. Or maybe iF yOu DoN’t aCTuaLLy cArE aBouT aMeRiCa U sHuD LeaaaaaaAvE.