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If your loved one has been arrested and is in custody, we can help to get them home. We've handled thousands of bond hearings and know how to give you the absolute best chance.

We Move Quickly

In some cities, we can get a bond hearing heard at the arraignment so that you don't spend days waiting.


We've helped thousands at bond hearings so we know what the judges care about when it comes to bond.

Making A Plan

We know how to come up with plans including treatment and monitoring to get you back home.

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While the presumption of innocence is supposed to be a bedrock principle, too many people are held without bond even when the evidence against them is questionable at best. We know that having a loved one held without bond can be devastating. It often means lost employment and families torn apart. The stakes at bond hearings are high and we take your freedom with the utmost seriousness.  We've conducted thousands of bond hearings and know how to put a plan of action into place (including GPS, alcohol, and drug monitoring services if appropriate) to give your loved one the best chance of getting out on bond and back to the family.

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