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Listen up. Are you interested in criminal justice? Are you a law student? Do you want to learn the real deal about how the criminal legal system works? Criminal defense attorneys Bassel Khalaf and Taite Westendorf don't talk boring legal jargon like typical lawyers. In Season 1 of their podcast, they give you the straight talk on how the system really works by tackling topics like racism, guns, DUI cases, public defenders, bad witness identifications, shady police practices, and much more. Along the way, they’ll dissect their own cases, spotlight their wildest experiences, and talk to some of the most prominent attorneys, journalists, and politicians in the area. By the end, they’ll blast into space to be immortalized for eternity as the Keanu and Swayze of the Virginia criminal justice world. Seriously. Available on Apple, Spotify, Sticher, and at

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