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If you need a criminal defense lawyer for a drug possession charge in Virginia Beach, you've come to the right place. We've handled hundreds of felony drug cases and know how to navigate the system.

Extensive Experience

Whether you're charged with cocaine, heroin, molly, or anything else, we've got you covered.

Fighting Back

We know how to fight back using 4th Amendment challenges to illegal searches and seizures. 

1st Offender

In many cases, we can help you get the charge dismissed even if you're guilty. 

Taite Westendorf and Bassel Khalaf

We know that addiction strikes good people and good families.  We're here to not only protect your legal rights but to also to assist in finding resources for treatment and recovery.  One of the most important aspects of our representation is keeping our clients' records clean when possible.  We have handled hundreds of felony drug cases and can make the best of a bad situation by helping to navigate a path that minimizes the long term damage to our clients' permanent records. We also have extensive experience fighting drug cases by attacking violations of our clients' 4th Amendment rights, challenging the use of confidential informants, and arguing the principles of constructive possession.  If you're charged with possession of schedule I or II, we can help you.

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