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We've handled hundreds of DUIs. Unlike some lawyers who make empty promises of aggression, we give you the no-nonsense real truth. If there's a way to fight, we can actually back it up in the courtroom.

Honest Advice

We've handled hundreds of DUI cases. That means that we know which defenses fly and which don't.

Transparent Fees

We charge a one-time fee that covers everything from start to finish. Even if your case gets complicated.

DUI attorney virginia beach

Sadly, some DUI attorneys talk a big game in the consultation, only to show up to court and tell you that your case is hopeless and you should just take a plea deal. The DUI attorneys that are worth hiring are going to review all discovery materials, including bodycam and dashcam recordings, with a fine toothed comb. They’re going to follow up on any relevant information, including potentially challenging why you were stopped in the first place; whether you showed signs of impairment of the field tests; whether the field tests were conducted properly; whether the breath test protocol was followed; and many other factors. If you’re charged in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the Hampton Roads area, feel free to give us a call. We give free consultations, and we’re always 100% honest, even when it means that we end up turning away business.

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