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Need A Bond? Call W&K!

With yesterday's announcement of a stay at home order, it doesn't appear that courts will be fully open for business anytime soon. Other than bond hearings and arraignments, the plows of the courthouse have gone silent and the fields of justice lay fallow. But W&K remains hard at work. Every morning we throw our legal briefs into the back of our F-150s and head out to get results for our clients. This morning that meant getting bonds for two clients who had already been previously denied bond. We’re thrilled that we were able to help reunite them with their families.

Our approach to appeal bond hearings is inspired by the should-have-won-an-Oscar masterpiece Lone Wolf McQuade. In the most famous scene, the titular hero played by Chuck Norris is captured and savagely beaten by the villain, an arms dealer and Kung-Fu expert portrayed by David Carradine. The villain places our severely weakened and semi-conscious hero into a Dodge Ramcharger and orders henchman to bury Lone Wolf alive. While this appeared to be an ignominious end for Lone Wolf, the villain failed to account for one variable. Running out of oxygen and on the verge of death, Lone Wolf discovers a can of beer in the truck. He pops the golden beverage and pours it all over his head, face, and down his throat. Miraculously revived by the barley, hops, and water, Lone Wolf throws his '83 Ramcharger into drive and pushes pedal to the metal. The vehicle, apparently achieving momentary sentience, becomes inspired by Lone Wolf’s passion and erupts from the dirty tomb. He then proceeds to lay waste to the remaining bad guys.

At this point you may be wondering what the hell does this have to do with bond hearings. It’s very simple. If you’ve been arrested and denied bond, you likely feel like Lone Wolf McQuade: alone, beaten, and buried. But you still have hope. As Lone Wolf found salvation in a can of beer, you can find yours by calling W&K. We look forward to serving you like a supercharged ‘83 Ramcharger and ramming you straight out of jail!

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