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We see people from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even police officers themselves get charged with domestic assault and battery. No matter what your case involves, we can help. 

Honest Advice

We've handled hundreds of domestic assault cases so we know how to navigate the system to protect you.

Transparent Fees

We charge a one-time fee that covers everything from start to finish. Even if your case gets complicated.

domestic assault virginia beach

Domestic assault and battery is one of the most common criminal charges in Virginia. Back when we were public defenders, it was common for us to have dozens of domestic assault cases on a single docket. Although these are common charges, they are extremely serious and can have a profound impact on your career. From handling hundreds of these cases, we know that most people charged are not the caricature “wife beater.” Most of these cases are simply arguments that spiraled out of control. We know that being charged is incredibly stressful and that it’s hard to find honest information online.  If you've been charged, we can help you fight back and protect your good name and reputation. 

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