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Mitch McConnell is a Turtle and a Traitor

For the most part, I don’t actually care about political things. (Trump is president...BOOOOOO! HISSSSSS!!) Sure, Trump’s an irredeemable sack of shit. Yes, he exposed numerous supposed "moral beacons" as spineless hypocrites who have no actual morals or values. But has my life really changed under Trump? No. Not really. Honestly, I chuckle at some of his hateful petulant trolling. I'm sure Jesus appreciates it too. But here’s what DOES piss me off. In 2016, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to do his job (I refuse to do my job sometimes too but this is different). In this instance, the Constitution says Lil' Bitch Mitch has to do a thing. The thing was letting the Senate vote o

Say Sayonara To Jury Sentencing. You're Welcome.

If you watch the video, make sure to turn on closed captioning If you’re a follower of the W&K blog, then you know that we’ve been pounding the drum for a long time to get rid of jury sentencing. Well, it turns out that we’ve got fans in high places because today the Virginia Senate voted 22-18 to give criminal defendants the right to be sentenced by a judge after jury trials. Now it goes off to the House of Delegates with a very real chance of being the new law of the land in 2021. In the Virginian-Pilot article, Senator Joe Morrissey, the chief patron of the new law, called it “the most significant piece of criminal justice legislation in the last decade.” Now we all know that politician