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Taite has devoted his entire career to defending people in the most serious and high stakes criminal cases. In a state where trials are rare and victories even rarer, he has helped thousands of clients fight back against the government. His jury trial experience includes securing hard-won not guilty verdicts in cases involving murder, rape, robbery, abduction, firearm offenses, malicious wounding, burglary, larceny, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and sexual battery, among others. Some examples of Taite in action fighting for his clients can be found hereWith eighteen years of nearly daily courtroom experience, Taite has defended clients against every kind of criminal charge imaginable. He prides himself on helping each client navigate the complexities of the legal system and guiding them to the best possible outcome for their unique circumstances. Taite is a Virginia Beach local who graduated from First Colonial High School. He is an alumni of the University of Virginia and the University of Richmond School of Law. He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and four children.

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