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Does It Serve The Public Interest To Prosecute Those Protesting Confederate Monuments?

In my last blog post, I slammed a local attorney for playing fast and loose with facts and advocating the prosecution of public defenders who spray painted a confederate monument. Since that post, I’ve had a couple of attorneys reach out to me in good faith who thought that I was too flippant in dismissing criticism of the spray painting as “pearl clutching.” I’m happy to engage with people who want to have an intellectually honest discussion so I felt compelled to follow up. It’s true that people cannot feel free to simply disregard laws because they feel that something is unfair or wrong. While I personally feel that confederate symbols in our cities are deeply offensive, it does not logi

Local Lawyer Spouts Fake News About Portsmouth Protests

I’m a social media luddite. I’ve never had a personal FaceBook or Instagram account. I reluctantly dipped my toe in social media waters only 2.5 years ago in order to advertise my new business. I quickly learned that social media is rife with bad actors who distort facts and manipulate public opinion to further their own agenda. Disturbingly, I also learned that this is the way that a considerable portion of the population consumes the majority of their news. Last night, I was sent a video posted by local attorney and aspiring muckraking journalist Tim Anderson regarding protests in Portsmouth. In the video, Anderson identified three public defenders in Portsmouth by name and excoriated the

W&K Defense LIVE ON 94.9 The Point

Check out our recent interview on Mike & Woo Woo in the morning on 94.9 The Point. We discuss: What to do if you're protesting and stopped by police. Some of the more common crimes charged as a result of the protests. Why the justice system is imbalanced and what can be done to fix it. Specifically, we propose pay parity between prosecutors and public defenders. The implications of courts endorsing police searches in "high crime neighborhoods."


The most commonly asked question in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder appears to be: What can I do to help? As a private criminal defense attorney and former public defender, my answer is: DEMAND EQUAL PAY FOR PUBLIC DEFENDERS. The majority of public defender clients are black and minority defendants desperate for proper legal representation. One of the biggest problems with the public defender system is that it’s underfunded and PDs are severely underpaid. Prosecutor offices, on the other hand, always seem to be adequately funded and their attorneys properly compensated. My hometown of Virginia Beach provides a perfect illustration of this pay disparity. An entry-level PD is paid som


Our country is on fire after yet another unarmed black man, George Floyd, was killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck until he was dead. Protesters have come to streets all over America, rightly furious, over this latest sordid chapter in the sadly recurring history of police brutality on minority communities. We’re well aware that policing and the criminal justice system as a whole disproportionately touches the lives of black Americans. In our hometown of Virginia Beach, 49% of those charged with disorderly conduct and 57% charged with possession of marijuana are black despite being less than 20% of the city’s population. If we’re going to make positive changes to how black com