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The Top 25 Defense Attorney Slogans In The World

As we discussed in a prior blog post, public defenders “are underpaid, overworked, underappreciated, and under-resourced. They bust their asses day in and day out and get little to no respect.” We would know because we were public defenders for a combined 16 years before we went into private practice. But one luxury of being a PD is that you don’t need to worry about marketing. While marketing makes us feel gross, it’s tough to run a business if people don’t know you exist. We’ve been figuring marketing out as we go, but one key ingredient of any successful campaign has eluded us: WE LACK A SLOGAN!

The process of selecting a slogan has been long and tortuous. We’ve been toiling endlessly in the W&K lab to craft a combination of words so epic, so brilliant, that Shakespeare himself would puke all over himself upon reading it. Unfortunately, our quest proved fruitless. That is until today. We entered the word “defense” into an online slogan generator and the results were spectacular. We are proud to introduce a list of slogans of such potent force that clients, prosecutors, judges, and juries alike will be powerless in the face of their rhetorical splendor. They range from the blandly plausible to the bleeding edge of abstraction. Behold the official list of potential W&K slogans in all its shimmering glory:

Westendorf & Khalaf,

1. Feel The Defense

2. Because So Much Is Riding On Your Defense

3. Defense That Works Like Magic

4. Feel The Raw Naked Power Of Defense

5. Top Breeder Recommended Defense

6. I Liked The Defense So Much, I Bought The Company

7. Where Defense Is A Pleasure

8. Eight Out Of Ten Defendants Who Expressed A Preference Said They Preferred Defense By Westendorf & Khalaf

9. We’ll Show You Our Defense If You Show Us Yours

10. Better Ingredients, Better Defense

11. Dude, You're Getting a Defense!

12. We Help Criminals

13. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh, What A Defense It Is

14. Wait Till We Get Our Defense All Over You

15. Criminal Defenseeriffic!

16. Gee, Our Defense Smells Terrific

17. The Defense That Eats Like A Meal

18. It’s Defense Lickin’ Good

19. The Curiously Strong Defense

20. The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Defense In Your Cup

21. Mamma Mia, That’s A Spicy Defense

22. Double the Pleasure, Double the Defense

23. Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Defense from the Oven

24. Defense That Really Satisfies

25. No One Outdefenses The Hut

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